Thursday, October 20, 2005

IR is a Dirty Word

[Warning! Copious linkage contained within!]

Being a young, aspiring, capitalist harvester, I am becoming increasingly concerned about the proposed changes to industrial relations reforms in this country. For all the millions of dollars being thrust in my face telling me that it will be a more equal, FAIRER system it just seems a little odd. I mean, we're not allowed to see the actual legislation yet...and if it really is going to be "The Great Australian BBQ Stopper", forming a happy utopia for us all, then why do we need to spend so much money trying to convice us of this fact? According to Lil John (alas, not the one that says "YEAAAAAAAHHHHH" all the time), the ads are "doing their job"...whatever the fcuk that means.

"We have had some tracking research done and we believe the campaign is doing its job," he said, but he would not elaborate.

Riiight. Speaking of people doing their job, John, want to talk to us about the father that got paid $6K for appearing as part of the ads...whose part was later cut out? Or better yet, explain to us this scene stealer: that those happy workers that were filmed actually thought THEY WERE SHOOTING FOR A VICTORIAN WORKSAFETY AD! Really, are the new reforms SO bad that you have to resort to FRAUD to get them to appear as if they give a damn? Obviously if they really knew what they were being filmed for, they would never have done it! Smart plan Johnny! You sure showed them. There's a scary pattern emerging here ol' boy: money to make people happy (and quiet) for reforms that are supposedly sooooo good they'll stop us in the middle of our summer BBQ season?!

I think I'll leave it up to Clarke and Dawe to tell me how it really is. (It's funny because its true you know...)

You know its all gone especially bad when a UK based company with an "i" and an "r" in their name can stop Gmail spreading its wings. Probably for the best really, but sometimes you wonder whether the judges and lawyers of this world have got nothing better to do than simply serve notices to people for a bit of a giggle.

Speaking of giggling, time for some good news. There is a collection of bunnies who have devoted considerable time in recreating famous thirty seconds. I can recommend the Pulp Fiction and Alien takes. Its just like watching the original really.

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