Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I Want To Take His Face...Off!

Here's something that'll bake your noodle. According to an essay on PopPolitics.com, the movie Face/Off apparently features upwards of 200 deaths! If we're going to start measuring movies by their body counts, then some of these romantic comedies better hook their male leads up with some hardware ASAP.

Think about it. How To Make An American Quilt would have been infinitely less boring if, halfway through, it turned out that the quilt racket was just a dodgy cover for illegal gun running...and that the Russian mafia had caught wind of it and went all "submachine-guns-at-sunset" on those crazy psudo-knitter types. And what about The Sixth Sense? That kid saw dead people EVERYWHERE. I'd love to know the body count in that film.

Mind you, 200 is sweet FA. I mean, Topper Harley (aka Charlie Sheen) literally lost count in one memorable scene of the Hot Shots series. I will concede though, that most of those weren't "witnessed", and were merely numbers on the page so to speak.

So the challenge has been set people. Find a film that can either:
a)beat the 200-in-one-film "record"
b)challenge the thousands claimed in Hot Shots
c)be greatly improved by a high(er) body count

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