Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I'm serious. There are little bug/fly/mosquito/pest hybrids literally MATING before my eyes. It's kinda freaky. All I need is for David Attenborough to walk in and say in that rather distinct voice of his:

Watch, as David continues work on his thesis, unconcerned at the orgy taking place around him. The bugs continue their lifes goal - to bring irritation in mass numbers to the household. There is certainly, no, coitus interuptus here.

Is anyone else out there having this problem? They look like tiny...well...bugs, with two little antennae and some sort of triangle shape near what would be their "neck". They also have wings that appear see-through, hence they fly. I will provide photos soonish I hope. BUT THEY'RE DRIVING ME NUTS! I like nature, just not when it feels the need to reproduce on my leg.

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