Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Australia: home of The Hole

It struck me today that my great big brown land I call home is also home to an unusually large tradition for digging, creating and otherwise housing big holes. Here in the Latrobe Valley, we have one MASSIVE hole. We call it the Open Cut, but if this was a cut, your arteries would have long since stopped pumping blood. It's a big f-off coal mine site and, for the most part, we are quite proud of our bloody great big hole.

Next stop on our tour of Australia's biggest holes is a lovely, virtual world I will refer to as The Castle. [For non-Australian readers, The Castle as a hilarious look into "typical" Australia. It was funny, it was true, it was a piss-take and it was in instant classic.] Was it not Dale Kerrigan who quite produly sat at the dinner table while his father lorded him for digging a hole?! Was it not the same Dale Kerrigan who, not that many scenes later, came in to the house in quite a rush and said "Dad! I've dug another hole! This one's filling with water!"??!

And tonight, news comes to us that Sydney are the latest Oz location to source themselves a new hole. In the early hours of this morning, a bloody great big hole opened up under some apartment blocks in suburban streets. As I type this, 150 cubic metres of concrete is being poured into said hole PER HOUR in a bid to "save" the building.

The construction company responsible for building the Lane Cove Tunnel has apologised to residents and motorists affected by this morning's partial collapse of an apartment building. Leighton Holdings says an unforeseen geological event caused the subsidence, which has undermined a three storey block of units and closed part of Epping Road.

Don't dress it up people! We know the truth! You are as Aussie as the rest of us! The Australian tradition for diggin' holes is alive and well you flamin' mongrels!

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