Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Interactive Chairman Mao: Buy Now For Christmas!

I for one an am AVID computer gamer, but I do not think I will be saving up money to import the latest title from Shanda, the largest game producer in China. According to Game Politics.com, the Chinese government have commissioned Shanda to produce a game based exclusively on communist values! [The LA Times have also picked up the story here.]
"Chinese Hero Registry," lets player mend socks, help old ladies get home in the rain, and prevent people from spitting in public. Successful play earns a signed virtual copy of Mao Tse-tung's Little Red Book.

And they worry it won't be a hit with the kidlings! Call this a long shot, but I'm thinking that Grand Theft Auto, Halo and Pro Evo Soccer have nothing to worry about.

On the otherside, this could be the start in a new frighting trend, where computer games reflect "every day life of political systems." We could have Fall And Fall Again, where players take control of a mythical country in the region of Africa, and try to prevent it from becoming an economic basketcase! Special characters to unlock include BONO! BOB GELDOF! STING! And even TINA ARENA!

Or even better, a game based on democratic values, where you spread free values all over the world in whatever form you see fit! Oh wait, we already have that...it's called Command & Conquer.

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