Monday, July 31, 2006

Why We Like People

I think people like people.


Deep down, people don't want to kill people. (Oh I can see what you are thinking - "another tree hugging hippie going off to save all the pretty people and Dave The Hat, please explain to me then why Hezbollah continues to fire rockets at Israeli's". Wait. Read on. And THEN you may flame me in the comments and I will reserve the right to ignore you. Because I like people.)

I mean, porn is incredibly popular, and that's just watching people at their most basic.

Then there's reality tee vee. Big Brother remains one of the most watched programs in a million and one different nations around the world. And that's just a number of 20-somethings trying to avert boredom by scratching themselves in dirty little places and dreaming up even wilder ways to remain part of public consumption.

We just like people. Millions can't be wrong. And if we didn't like people, why is murder, assault, rape illegal?

Yes, it's an idealistic thought. A utopian one even. And of course, I am completely wrong. Not everyone likes people.

But my rant has been brought on by another bout of reality TV gold from Channel 10.

Yasmin's Getting Married.

I don't mind - remember, I like people - but I don't think they've gone far enough.

Surely we can have an Adults Only series on Pay TV such as 'Yasmin's Getting Fucked'. Then there's the hilarious yet touching medical series 'Yasmin's Getting Twins'. And of course, we could follow it all up with the courtroom drama of 'Yasmin's Getting Screwed', quickly followed by the Rove special edition of 'Yasmin's Getting Divorced'. We could even revisit the successful concept in 10 years (or should that be 'tears') time, with 'Yasmin's Getting Made-Over.'

Remember this is nothing against Yasmin. She looks lovely, and I am sure she is the nicest person in the world. Remember: I just like people. And I think other people who like people will like these ideas too...

It's the ultimate feel-good hit of Spring! There will be no limits to how much we will grow to like the people in this show (until the third episode, where one of the judges will exposed for being a hypocritical bore)!

So if you like people, get behind this show and make its ratings soar!

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