Friday, August 04, 2006

Multiple Little Rants

Rant 1 - 'Ranting About Ranting'
You remember how Bush-bashing used to be popular? US-bashing? Hanson-bashing? Well we have a new bashee. SILENT WHISPERS ON TV PROMOS-bashing! Everywhere I have turned in the past week - internetforums, public radio, commerical radio - I seem to be confronted with people saying "Oh, I hate how TV promos use that whisper to make their show sound cooler." Woop-ty-do. Surely there are bigger problems in the world, oh I dunno, something like WORLD PEACE?! Your fingers must soooo be on the cultural barometer for you to have had an original thought about that little TV promo. ITS JUST AN AD. We see hundreds of minutes of offensive ads on TV - from The Good Guys to the local chikcen shop - and you pick something with a shelf life of 20 seconds. I have a solution. DON'T WATCH FUCKING CRAP TEE VEE! You can quite ably get by with just ABC and SBS, so move on, we don't care.

Rant 2 - 'Prison Ships Are Cool...not'
The Australian Government has proved yet again that they cannot for the life of them remember the cultural and historical ties to the motherland, England. The new plan to tackle our current illegal immigrant 'crisis' (I use the term loosely), is to have a massive prison ship patrol our off shore near the top of the country and store 'illegals' without ever needing to return to the mainland for up to a month (Prison Hulks in classical Britain anyone?!). Not only that, the ships will have MACHINE GUNS! How cool?

Wait. What the hell do we need machine guns for? Most of the people who make the death-defying trip across the ocean to try and reach our shores are weak and emancipated enough as it is, and now you try and tell me we need MACHINE GUNS on these boats?!

The world's gone nuts!

/end rant.

Carry on.

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