Tuesday, August 01, 2006

We Aren't Happy

We aren't a bunch of happy chappys.

Who's we?

Us. People. The world in general.

Why aren't we happy is the real question. We have more iPods and mobile phones now than at any time previous in our history. We have internet access at the click of a button, providing us with all sorts of joys. We can cure most diseases. Our governments are largely nice to us.

And yet, starvation/persecution/suffering is as bad now as ever before. A kid living in poverty dies every three seconds. Personal debt is massive. A minority of the world population has a monopoly of the majority of the world's wealth. We have a greater incidence (and understanding) of depression and related illnesses.

Maybe thats what prompted the Brits to do this.

Some 2,000 pupils at English state schools are to have special classes in happiness under a pilot scheme aimed at cutting depression, self-harm and anti-social behaviour.

Happiness classes? But what about emos? Wouldn't this just be persecuting one 'sub-culture' of kids in favor of another? Discrimination at work again! There is no escaping it! Seriously though, ALL kids get depressed at some stage. It's called puberty. Since when did we have to bandage all our children up in bubblewrap to PROTECT them from themsleves and world at large. We CREATED the world at large as we are living in it (let's not get into creationist v religious debates here now shall we...) so why all of a sudden can't your little spawn cope? You too were probably once goth/punk/skinhead etc going through exactly the same things.

But there might be another way around it...how about BOTTLED HAPPINESS?!

Smiley - the world's first anti-depressant scent - has gone on sale. The unisex gragrance is on the shelve at upmarket UK cahin Selfridges, costing from $60 to $150. Swiss manufacturers Firmenich Laboratories say it contains micro-nutrients which have food altering benefits...

Ahhh. See, I think I'm picking up a theme here. The BRITS are the most unhappy people in the world. Could be the food...or maybe the fact their football team sucks more than a room full of Godfrey vacum cleaners...

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