Friday, September 09, 2005

Beer as a Social Lubricant Mk II

Seems that the dens that serve the 'goldenst' of golden beverages isn't only helpful in providing a shelter spot for expectant mothers, but also for those who are getting over an episode of tough love with Katrina. In heart warming news for alcoholics all across The Big Easy, bars in the French Quarter have reopened their doors in a bid to bring back a sense of normalcy to the lives of those still there. (Yes, because hyped up ex-cons with shotguns needed another excuse to get violent and loot more shit.) The BBC News report has Alastair Leithead sharing a cold one with "One Eyed Jack" who continues to prop up the counter at Johnny White's bar. Hell, they even had a Hurricane Party on the eve of the storm. Hoorah for drinkers. Who would have thought that in the wake of one of the world's "biggest" natural disasters of recent times (Thank You Western Media Outlets) that those in the front line for getting on with things would be the guys with a slab over their shoulders looking for a good spot to watch the footy.

Mr Leithead goes above and beyond the call of duty for most BBC foreign correspondents to provide us with some dazzling insights on the state of plumbing post-Katrina:

"What is the toilet etiquette?" I asked the barmaid, wondering if I should just go out into the street.

"Here is the restroom key," she said, handing me a torch, "and watch the body on the stairs."

Exciting news to for the Australian family of Ashley McDonald who, after a typical Aussie night on the piss, found himself in a New Orleans lock up with a hurricane bearing down on the city. McDonald is now free to continue his US holiday after being released today. He went from being locked up overnight to sleep it off to spending almost 10 days - plus a prisoner riot - in a New Orleans jail, herded there along with the rest of the inmates as the storm struck. And his parents are wrapped to have him back in their tender care...or are they? His mother, a Ms Mutunansky...:

...promises to "give him an earful when I see him"...

But at least she's traveled halfway around the world to pick him up from the prison. But then again...

...Ms Mutunansky suggested Ashley should make his own way to Tennessee. "He should walk up, after what he's put us through."

Still on drinking and I saw something the other day that kind of sums up everything, I think. A man, in a flanny, taking a walk in the bright sunshine, with a long neck of VB in one hand...and a posey of PLASTIC FLOWERS in the other. I have a few thoughts here:
a) He's high on some sort of substance,
b) It's either going to be a very happy and lucky lady (or man) that receives him plus flowers, or a rather unimpressed one,
c) He thought they were real flowers and got them for his mum, or
d) He was dropped off by aliens as a measure to divert well-meaning motorists from concentrating on the road, thus causing numerous pile ups and disrupting world peace.

Personally, I favour the latter option, but that's just me.

Postscript: As you can see, I learnt about the joys of linking today. Hoo-rah for part time web nerds.

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