Saturday, September 17, 2005

A Delay In Time

No posts for a while, but not for lack of ideas, merely a lack of time. Expect an outpouring of intellectual imagination (aka CRAP) in the near future.

In the meantime I will have a quick word about two things.

The first follows on from my previous post of "Beer As A Social Lubricant MkII". It was raining heavily today on my into work. I passed the local petrol station before the highway stop and was confronted with a confounding sense of deja vu. There, standing in the pouring rain, was The Longneck Man (as he shall now be known), admittedly minus a long neck of VB. However, he still had the plastic flowers. New or different? That's the question. Maybe he is still wandering around with the flowers, searching for his loved one. Maybe he found him or her, and was bringing another beautiful bounty to them. Maybe he just likes flowers...

Secondly and onto something much more nerdy n' stuff. Google now have Blog Search for all your blogging needs...even the humble musings of myself and The Hat are up there. And that can only be good.

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