Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Nerd Is The New Popular

The cast of hit US TV show, "Popular".

Consider this: most "nerds" (see also geeks) are thought to be small, slimy individuals with little regard for personal hygine and quite possibly addicted to the 'kiddy crack' of computer and role playing games. Nerds are thought of as being obsessive over trivial things, interested in only the most niche of niche areas. I'm proud to be part of this too. However I would like to highlight a discrepency...NERD IS THE NEW POPULAR!

Exciting news from the home of the walking advertising slogan, Tokyo, where a collection of shops, known as RanKing and RanQueen have been formed to RANK THE MOST POPULAR BUYS! (Click here if you can read Japanese.) That includes things like sweet-potato candy, fluffy cow dice and vitamin pads! Now maybe I'm drawing a long link here...but isn't this just obsessions over NICHE AREAS? Isn't this just an addiction OVER TRIVIAL THINGS? That's right! These people are THROUGH AND THROUGH NERDS!

Then there was the US soap series "Popular", which featured a cast of loveable characters, each one...A LITTLE BIT NERDY! Yet, they became POPULAR. See? As Einstein would have said:

nerd = popular x time squared

Don't get me started on popular music. They were known as "band geeks" for a reason, and here they are, playing out our rock god fantasies. NERDS! But even some of them go to far. Take Norwegian band Datarock, and their new single "Computer Camp Love". With such great lyrics as:

I ran into her on computer camp, had my Commodore 64, had to score.

There's even an Revenge of the Nerds reference in their! Who would have thought! Rock stars ARE NERDS!

And speaking of blowjobs...I know, it's not real but still. Good for a quick grin.

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