Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mafia House distinct from the recent film "Monster House".

Without trying to attract myself too much heat here, I think there is a Mafia house near where I live presently. "Why do you say that, Hatman?" I hear the masses cry. Well let me tell you. It's grotty, small, unkempt and perpetually up for sale. It's one of those "fake brick" units that everyone thought were such a top idea in the 1970s. There is no garden, plenty of dust and crap paving out the front...and a bevy of SHINY, LUXURY CARS! There is the new, black, Holden HSV ute. The yellow Holden Monaro. The black BMW. All there, at various times. CONCLUSIVE PROOF that someone who takes Marlon Brandon a little too seriously is considering launching an alcohol cartel from a brown unit.

A weak link I know, but that's all I got.

The other thing I got (or "have" as the grammar nazis would have you believe) is a boules set, shiny yet subtle in its beauty. So we have been playing boules at work non stop these past few days, thus making work exponentionally more managable.

Oh, and I've gone back to original blogging Dave. Yes, I will shortly be putting my LiveJournal on a semi-permanent hiatus, focussing on this 'ere a my occasional haiku the forthcoming DAVE VS CANADA travel blog (which in turn will domiante proceedings between Dec 10 and Jan 8). Anyways, you get the picture.

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