Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bogan Man v Emo Boy

Conversation I overheard yesterday afternoon. I'll set the scene. "Bogan Man" is dawdling along on a smallish push bike, grey Bondsy revealing woeful ink art, buzz cut hair reminiscent of Full Metal Jacket, low slung jeans with cotton boxers hanging out, all of 18 years old. "Emo Boy" is standing talking to a third mutual friend/aquaintence, typical horizontal striped tee and tiny jeans.

Bogan Man's comment: "Seriously dude, you have turned into the biggest cocksucker in the last 6 months wearing make up and shit...what is wrong with you?"

L O L !

Now I'm not picking on emos here because that's unfair - I hate all little cutural subgroupings equally, including the ones I get lumped in - but that made my afternoon.

Bogans 1
Emos 0

Speaking of scores...we've made the futsal semi finals. God only knows how. I think we won all of 2 games in the past 2 and a half months, and if we had won last night "apparently" (I'm not convinced) we would have finished second. But we got done 15-3 (one goal to me). Hilarious!

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