Monday, November 27, 2006

Ninja Day

Good news. My ninja, set to be my sidekick/partner in rhyme and crime on my great Canadian adventure, should be in my letterbox this afternoon. According to that fancy fandangled UPS tracking service, I know that my as yet un-named ninja (leave name suggestions below) stealthy left his (its?) Edison, New Jersey (USA) birth place on November 21. It (he?) evaded capture in Newark, New Jersey, before spending the night with some good ol' boys in Louisville, Kentucky. Stinking of liquor, he stagged into a luau in Honolulu, Hawaii on the morning of the 22nd, before spending the weekend in Ascot Vale, Melbourne Victoria. ETA: TODAY!

In other travel related news, I've officially packed. More details on Dave Vs Canada, on which all travel related stuff will now appear. D-day is fast approaching...woo hoo!

Not much else to report. Mowed T's lawns on Saturday but alas, forgot to do her nature strip. Ooops. Mind you, the lawns out the back were like 3 feet tall, and they now look lovely!

Had a BBQ dinner Saturday night with my brother, his wife and two kids plus the parents and T as a delayed birthday celebration. My nephew Aidan is going through a book phase. Does anyone remember 'Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge'? I remember Dad reading it to me. Top book, which brought back lots of memories.

Oh yeah, and we had an election or something on Saturday. Someone known as Bracksy won.

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