Tuesday, November 14, 2006


In case you haven't heard, November has been re-badged MOVEMBER in a bid to raise awareness for men's health, namely prostate cancer and depression. So I am doing my bit, growing hair on my face to make my balls happy.


On the upside, I have found quite the awesome shirt that suits this MOVEMBER challenege to a tee...ha ha.

Ok, so I have been doing a little cleaning up of the blog here. The blog roll is updated, the "Hat List" of my current musical indulgences is refreshed, and I am here waiting for you dial 1900....no! I am, however, more than happy for suggestions on how to improve the layout. What funky things does this blog need to be absolute cutting edge??? Designs? Layouts? Funky widgets?

Speaking of blogs, I have begun detailing my trip to Canada at http://davevscanada.travellerspoint.com, which will also become my main port of call come December when I head there.

Not much else to report. SNAFU.

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