Friday, November 24, 2006

Office Christmas Parties: To Go Or Not To Go

So I got my invite to the office Christmas party yesterday, all nicely printed up and arranged in Publisher no less. I guess I should be more excited about my first official 'employment christmas party invite', however it doesn't sound like anywhere near as cool as cocktails at masterTwig's end of year do. It DOES have a dress code of 'cocktail' however, with a strict no denim policy. And it comes to 'David and Guest' so it looks like they are trying to limit random people groping each other in the toilets as part of an alcohol induced haze to forget their bad kareoke performances.

So I dont think I will go. That, and it's a day and a bit before LE BIG TRIP.

Speaking of which, I have posted an itenary - such as it is - on my Dave vs Canada travel blog. DAYS until I leave people, just DAYS.

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