Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Me On Tee Vee!

Melbourne might have the "Race That Stops The Nation", but Bendi-go-go aka Benders has the race that stops So it was today, as crappy weather descended on the place for the first time in months, on the one day thousands want to dress up in their finest and get seen by, well, everyone!

So some horse named Gallic won the race, but the big news was I made the Tee Vee! Yes, yours truly had completed a simple "filler" piece for my television station's afternoon coverage and turns out, they needed to fill space. Terrible! I was seen everywhere from Mallacoota to Albury.

In much more interesting is Fiona's birthday tomorrow. Fiona being my co-worker up here. And to really celebrate, we went halves on...A GIANT FRECKLE!

It was BIG! And now I am 'freckled' out...ergh!

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