Tuesday, November 28, 2006

On Music...

So while my ninja hasn't arrived as yet, it DOES have a name.


That's right. Noel The Ninja. Noel is such a staunch name, people will not mess with him (it?). It is also stealthy, like ninjas - I mean seriously, does anyone expect to see a Ninja Named Noel? Of course not! (Well that, and ninja's hardly walk around with name tags saying 'Hello, My Name Is...'. And it's also a well documented fact that those who have heard the name of a ninja have very rarely lived to tell the tale...) And it gets better - Noel also ties in with Christmas, namely, Noël (that's "NO-L" phonetically), which as Wikipedia says:

is a masculine French given name that means "Christmas

To other news now and I have scored myself yet another totally awesome rejection letter. Go for me. Though as people keep saying, I shouldn't get all emo yet because I still have A J OH B. Still, was a good excuse for retail therapy so I can't really complain can I?!

On music, and on the way home from Bendigo last weekend, I was trying to construct what would be my "Dream Band" (as it stands today, because really, it could change by tomorrow) regardless of genre etc etc. So here it is, going on the bands in my iPod and my current listening habits:

Nick Cave (vocalist 1)
Ella Fitzgerald (vocalist 2)
Freddy Mercury (vocalist 3)
Howlin' Wolf (vocalist 4)
Frank Zappa (guitar 1)
Jimmy Page (guitar 2)
George Harrison (guitar 3 - you can never have too much guitar)
Bootsie Collins (bass 1)
Les Claypool (bass 2 - MORE BASS!)
?uestlove (drums 1)
Lars Ulrich (drums 2)
Dave Brubeck (keys 1)
Sergiy Rachmaninoff (keys 2)
Miles Davis (instrumentals 1)
James Morrison (instrumentals 2)

and if they ever cut an EP...

Rick Rubin (producer 1)
Timbaland (producer 2)

I guess I can envisege them making little mini bands within the one big band and putting out a compilation of their efforts. Maybe Lars will rock out Ella's massive hair? Or Miles makes ?uestlove just go nuts? Potential everywhere....

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